Our company

IFChub is a UK registered company offering IFC server technology to the AEC industry globally.

IFChub is the product of over 10 years research and development, it incorporates significant and unique intellectual property to deliver a comprehensive solution to the industry.

We believe that quality can never be compromised, our working practices support this from design through development and into testing.

Whilst the market is relatively nascent we understand the different customer needs and can flexibly offer our product from single months, years on a SaaS basis through to perpetuity with simple to understand flexible terms to suit our customers.

We will work with technology partners who like us believe in data collaboration, interoperability, concurrency and integrity.

IFC hub is a privately owned and operated company, we are not an open source project and firmly believe in achieving commercial stability to support the long-term choices of our customers.

Our mission

We believe that IFC is more than just a data schema, we believe it is critical to achieving interoperability and not along traditional lines, rather we believe in concurrency and therefore high availability of data. We are therefore pioneering the use of “optimistic replication” in our IFChub product.

High availability is great but we know that in such environments you cannot ignore data quality and so we also promote semantic consistency to ensure that data remains consistent at all times.

Finally we are committed to delivering highly scalable solutions by understanding change (delta computation) created in 3rd party applications for which we supply plugin’s