IFC hub is a construction industry IFC [ISO 16739] compatible information server (common data environment) that stores and enables the sharing and updating of project information.

BIM adoption is growing globally across both industry and government stakeholders. The driver, to improve and modernise delivery and operation with the key objective of reducing capital and operation costs by 20% +. BIM standards have the ability to optimise process and collaboration to unlock new more efficient ways of working at all stages of the project life-cycle.

Mixed messages and false assumptions swirl around us and dilute the meaning of BIM; the “International Alliance for Interoperability” is re-branded buildingSMART and the central tenants of BIM are relegated leaving many scratching their heads wondering how benefits can be achieved. BIM Level 3 introduces the standards that will ultimately be key to realising the benefits, IFC hub is a BIM Level 3 ready BIM (IFC) server that uniquely meets the challenges of concurrent collaboration; not at the file level but rather the object level.

Storage and sharing of IFC data should be at the heart of any organisation seeking to accelerate away from the industry’s trailing edge. The benefits are many, we invite you to seize them today.

  • join up facets of information
  • improve the quality of decision making
  • promote information re-use
  • achieve consistent quality
  • non-proprietary format
  • no software vendor lock-in


Your software does not natively use the IFC schema at its core, you can not afford to deal with the complexities of the IFC schema or take responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the data as it flows through your system; how you handle change is perhaps not fully defined despite the huge value it will bring to your customers.

You need to address these issues to maintain or grow your customer base in an industry that has clearly stated its expectation to go BIM. You don’t want to spend all your time or money implementing IFC interoperability, not least because it diverts your attention from delivering great solutions and user experiences.

If this resonates then perhaps IFC hub is the solution, the platform assumes a relatively easy migration path from existing single-site applications to advanced multi-modal collaborative environments. It can accelerate your development towards compliance without it taking over all development activity.

  • store and serve IFC data.
  • compatibility without the expense
  • guaranteed IFC integrity
  • merge data
  • compute changes
  • promote a concurrent working environment
  • industrial grade solution