IFC hub is an on-line IFC (ISO 16739) IFC4 compliant data server for your BIM projects (i.e. a BIM server or IFC server). It has a state of the art system architecture that underpins collaboration through concurrency. For the techies amongst you, dig and you will find the only optimistic replication capable server available in the market today. IFC hub is a product that connects users and systems to project information during the design, construction and operation of your project.

It looks after the integrity of your BIM data, ensures it is always highly available and supports your aspiration of maintaining an up-to-date non-proprietary digital record. IFC hub is full of technically unique capabilities that truly deliver the benefits of BIM including collaboration through concurrency (optimistic replication), trust through semantic reconciliation. It is fully ISO 16739 (IFC) compliant and being meta-model based we guarantee seamless support for all future IFC schema’s.

Incremental changes are stored as difference records, doing so reduces the amount of disk space required and forms the basis for updates to API connected applications.
Concurrent collaboration. No file or object locking; the only BIM server capable of offering full concurrent working.
As the BIM is updated, changes are managed, versioning provides milestone records as your project progresses.
Data quality is vital, errors lead quickly to corruption; our leading techniques allow us to offer you a data integrity guarantee.


Software as a Service means access over the internet. Simply consume, no installation and up and running in a fraction of the time.


Unite outputs from different IFC authoring systems such as CAD and estimating systems.

ISO 16739

Full 2x, IFC4 IFC schema support. It is tightly integrated with the IFC schema and gaurantees rapid support for future schema’s across all of its functions.


Horizontally and vertically scalable, providing an effective platform for projects of all sizes.


The principle method of interactions with IFChub is to use our extensive API (Application Programming Interface). Using JavaScript language we support open standards such as BIMsie API.


A web interface is provided for administration, data management and reporting.
New features are constantly under development, contact us for more details