Unlocking the value of BIM

May 23, 2014

Everyone is now under increased pressure due to economic conditions and finite resources to improve productivity. Currently both public and private sector clients are demanding reliably faster, cheaper & better projects that also achieve more sustainable high performance facilities throughout the entire life-cycle, but deliver better value in terms of benefits and features to end users. This all presents quite a challenge to meet all of these targets, while still delivering amazing buildings and infrastructure assets that display form and function. Until now efficiencies in productivity have only really been realised in either individual disciplines, stages or organisations due to the lack of encroachment from the use of centralised open format digital information or E-construction. There is now an exciting opportunity to utilise project wide information to gain huge incremental improvements and unlock the true value of BIM without having to abandon your current software applications and at the same time complying with open standards now increasing called for by clients. This is made possible by the use of a central repository hub that stores and controls the exchange of information between all stakeholders. This will allow for your organisation to provide and improve in collaborative working even where disparate teams are utilised on projects at a global level, but at the same time continue to become more competitive through having greater project control mechanism.

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