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June 6, 2014

The UK has been challenged to implement BIM to level 2 by 2016 according to the UK Government Construction Clients Board’s Government Construction Strategy.

Disregarding the fact that the essence of BIM is the ability to exchange information and to store information in a common format (aka IFC); it is a fact that BIM Level 2 is in fact contradictory and if followed strictly, can only result in failure to meet the BIM adoption target.


Its really quite straightforward.. BIM Level 2 requires participants to deliver and process data compliant to the COBie protocol which for the unititiated addresses the capture of “actual” products and their specifications especially as they relate to Facilities management, i.e. for a fan coil unit gathering the identity of the supplier, the unit model type, service tags etc etc.

Here’s the kicker.. COBie is in essence an IDM (a predefined query on all the IFC data) that extracts the pertinent information and presents it so that the actual data can be appended (ultimately to then update that IFC data).

IFC is not however a requirement of BIM Level 2 and as such little emphasis will be placed on sorting out the quality of information produced by the likes of Revit and others.. Whilst investing in solutions like Revit is not a foolhardy decision it does beggar the question as to why invest in something that is no more BIM compliant than Trimble SketchUp? Of course there are products that have invested heavily in BIM compliance, perhaps seeing an opportunity to gain market share on the competition or perhaps simply recognising that they need to deliver products that ramp up the benefits to their users (see OpenBIM).

So maybe it’s time the Government Chief Construction Adviser stopped and read, understood and rationalised BIM to be a meaningful and positive movement that will shape the future of construction rather than the aimless and poorly communicated mess that it really is..

Read the Government construction strategy document click here

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