Whether you are an end user (Client, Contractor) or a solution provider, IFC hub can support your business needs.

SAAS [Monthly]

*£1500 per month
For customers wishing to check the adherence of their data to standards, merge models and store their data on a short term basis.

SAAS [Annualy]

*£10000 per year
Charged yearly with increasing discounts up to 50%. Hosting prices calculated separately Hosting prices calculated separately


£25000 Perpetual
For customers wishing to store, validate, manage and maintain their BIM’s over long term durations.

*Hosting fees calculated separately.

Corporate agreements
Organisations wishing to standardize their use of IFC servers across projects. Discounts charged from 1st year with project years discounts applied in addition.
  • 10+ 15% discount
  • 50+ 30% discount
  • 100+ 50% discount
For buyout licence purchases an annual maintenance fee will be charged. Maintenance will provide version updates available during your contract period.
  • £1,500 p.a
Solution Providers
Software development companies who wish to better support their customers ambitions, adapt their products to be ready for the inevitable changes happening to the systems architecture of projects and gain an early bird advantage in doing so without the expense doing so themselves.
Your participation as a partner will bring with it rewards by getting access to our team of knowledgeable developers who will be able to advise you on the best way forward.
Our pricing is based on a yearly maintenance agreement which provides access to all our applications to develop against and technical support. We then agree a distribution royalty schedule for every instance of our product shipped to your clients.
IFC hub hosting plans are tailored to suit your specific usage needs. These include the number of stakeholders engaged on your project and the scale of your project. We will advise and enable you to scale up and down according to your immediate requirements.
Hosting period minimum of 1 month. Subject to 1 week intention to cancel notice.